• Login from website and add your details

  • Main Screen shot of what you will see

Click here add your details
Note the add button

Add your contact details note with a * (must be filled in)
  • Note each line has send code click on this and will send code to your management,staff by email.

  • Once this is sent then go to korehs,com website and click any of the button you need.

  • Install App from Play Store or Google Play

  • Send code once code has been sent check email ( Note the Colum with Code 8 )
    blow is what you should see in your email 123456

  • Download for App store add code

  • See Enter Code   ( 123456 )
    by Email or Phone 

  • Sending forms from phone

  • What you should see on your phone 
    All forms are like this:

  • These files are under PDF
    Site Incident & Injury Register 
    Emergency Response Plan 
    Hazardous Products
    Site – Specific Health and Safety
    Site / Job Hazard and RiskTask Analysis/safe work 

Click on the Meeting Minutes button it will open in to the from:

Product Info button send information like updates to COVID 19 to your staff.

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