Kore SITE SAFE Application for Prevention of COVID-19

A smart application to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to your site. The Kore Site help system at your worksite can significantly reduce the chances of coronavirus spread.


The construction industry is really big, and this business needs physical action, and work from home can’t be applied to all sectors. While you can’t stop the work, you can still stop the spread of the virus with the help of technology.

Kore site safe can benefit the construction industry to keep the business running by following necessary protocols and following required precautions.




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Manager’s Checklist

Personal Health Flowchart

Cleaning Guide - Alert Level 1 to 3
Physical Distancing and Hygiene Protocol - Alert Level 1 to 3

The Five Step Guide for returning to work - Alert Level 1 to 3

Are you following the right steps to STOP SPREAD of COVID-19?

You must implement safe work practices to minimize the chances of COVID-19 exposure. Kore Site safe application is just the right tool in this situation. With this system, your staff can report to you in real-time.


  • Helps worker to keep social distance while working

  • Managers/ Owners can monitor the reports sent by staff in real-time to stay updated and make the best decisions.

  • Data and Record Management is really simple with Kore Site Safe mobile application, which is designed to get things done in clicks.

Features of Kore Site Safe Application:

Kore site safe application is equipped with COVID-19 prevention measures and record management for your company and team members. Kore Site safe app helps you stay organized and manage records effectively for your worksite while COVID-19 pandemic.



All registered staff members will have a separate account on the application which will keep track of their activities, work time, and tasks to do while they follow the Level 3 protocols.


  • Staff members Sign-in the application before reaching the site to work.

  • Authorized users can access the accounts only.


Time Track:


  • Users shall enter the time when arriving on-site and when leaving the site to keep the work time on-site in records.

Implement Management Protocols

  • Staff members can open and read from the management protocols that they must follow while they work on the site.


Keep Organized:

  • Managers Checklist will allow more organized task management.


Personal Health Flowchart:

  • Keeps a track for the personal health of each user This record and flowchart can be used by management to allow and deny each staff member for permission to enter the worksite.

  • It makes it possible for the manager to limit unhealthy workers to worksite or people with recent symptoms so that spread of COVID-19 can be minimalized.



Cleaning Guide - Alert Level 3:

  • Proper cleaning guidelines can be forwarded to your staff members with the mobile application, which can help them revise and remember what cleaning method and protocols to follow to maintain hygiene and safety for them and for others.

Physical Distancing and Hygiene Protocol - Alert Level 3:

  • Kore Site Safe can help you ensure physical distancing protocols are followed. Alerts can be reported if social distancing and hygiene protocols are not followed at the worksite so that you can take instant actions.



The Five-Step Guide for returning to work - Alert Level 3:

  • Kore Site Safe comes with a five-step guide on what protocols all staff members shall follow before completing work and leaving the site each day.  These 5 steps each day can help you ensure the best hygiene practices and keep workers safe with small actions on a personal level.

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